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7amCountry's Best with Terry OwsnettSaturday Sport
8amCanterbury Bankstown World of TennisMacedonian Breakfast Show with Sasho & Bale
9amArabic - Sawt El Farah with Nadine Chaar9-Noon - KaleidoscopeFlashback Favourites 50s & 60s with Joe AndersonBoxing Chat with Paul Nasari
10am9-Noon - Jazz with Brendan KavanaghMusic
11amRose of Sharon English
12pmMusicAustralian music from AMRAPMusicThe Lunch Break with John HoldenRetrospect with George MihalosJukebox with John GroverRose of Sharon Fijian
1pmLau SamoaRadio Rizal FilipinoUrdu with Maqsood Nagi
2pm2BACR Local News ReviewCHOOKAS with Wendy LindsayMusicAussie Music Show with Russell Walsh
3pmFlashback Favourites 50s & 60s with Joe AndersonMusicPunjabi with Maqsood Nagi
4pmAMRAP Gig Guide & Top 10 with Greggo
5pmViti Vou - Fijian with Sera LavetaVietnam Sydney Radio with Bao Khanh & Joachim NguyenRock Classics with Rob CutrieHoly Qu’ran with Rashad Nash
6pmSpeed Sport Torque with Tony BennettsThe Saturday Night Radio Show with Phil Savell & Vic FenechMaota Samoan
7pmOdyssey with Louise Crothers90s to Now with John DearingZombie Fever with Steph, Kat & RachBlast From The Past 50s & 60s
9pmAustralian music from AMRAPHip Hop K'nect with Troy FurnerJam Down Party with Marty The Globe with James ButlerSalaam Namaste with Helen Grace - HindiThe Rock'N'Roll Jukebox Classics with Rob CutrieChina Voice with Laura Lee
10pmAustralian music from AMRAP
11pmAustralian music from AMRAP
12amThe Beat - Dance Music
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